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When the magnificent beasts swim through....

Offshore. A commitment. A state of mind. An audience with Mother Nature at her finest.

Tuna fever may be the sugar coated term for what pushes a certain breed to go full throttle into the vast unknown for a fish, a fight, and an experience like no other. Yellowfin and bluefin busting on the surface, big eyes smashing the spread at sunset, trading a case of beer for a tote of scallops with a commercial boat in the middle of the ocean, the rising sun with whales, dolphins and birds everywhere, it's the cure as much as it is the fix for those who have ventured out to the canyons off New Jersey to Cape Cod to chase tuna.

It's that time of year. We've been making the run out to the canyons for Season 3 that airs in September on Discovery. We've seen some epic action, had some heartbreaking missed bites, the full spectrum of glory and misery that comes with tuna fishing.

The tuna is a fascinating fish, and there are few others that can test skill, wit, and faith like they do.

So enjoy that tuna roll, and think for a moment the battle that took place with that fish. Tune in this September to see one of the most wondrous fish in our oceans.

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