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4 for 4 for Boggs, Debbie Boggs that is!

1 of 4 IGFA records in one epic day for Debbie Boggs

In the fall of 2015, Hall of Famer Wade Boggs and his wife Debbie headed out into the Florida Everglades for some largemouth bass fishing with the Finchasers. No stranger to fishing with Captain Frank Crescitelli, their plan was simple as it is for every Finchasers trip…. Set an IGFA World Record or win a tournament. One record would be nice, two spectacular, three outstanding, but four in one day would show that while she may not have a World Series ring, Debbie Boggs is one of the top female anglers around.

The first Boggs family IGFA World Record tale started in June of 2013 while filming an episode of the Finchasers in the Shrewsbury Rocks area off the New Jersey Coast. Wade got into quite a bluefish. On top of his game as always, Captain Frank quickly recognized the length record was about to be challenged. The bruiser bluefish measured 87 centimeters (34.25 in)on Frank’s Official IGFA World Record Measuring Device. A World Champion on the baseball diamond was now a World Record holder, unofficially, on the water. Shortly after that epic day of fishing Wade’s record was affirmed and still stands.

A little over two years later, and numerous wins in various divisions of both the Redbone circuit of tournaments and The Manhattan Cup, there would be more rewriting of the IGFA record book. While filming another episode of Finchasers Captain Frank Crescitelli along with Wade and Debbie Boggs were targeting largemouth bass and the standing 6, 8, 12, 16 line class IGFA records. At the end of the day, the scorecard had Debbie with four new records. Since the filming of the episode, 3 of the records have been broken with the 6lb class record still standing.

It’s an honor to be part of such an amazing display of angler focus, skill, and teamwork. True to the mission of the Finchasers, there’s more to a record, tournament win, or trophy catch than the angler on the rod. Clearing the deck, prepping gear, always having a fellow fisherman’s back…this is what makes the Finchasers the successful team that they are. We celebrate our wins both for our teammates and our team. Congratulations to Debbie, we’re honored to be part of such an epic achievement and can’t wait to break more records with you!

Later this month, an honor of the land based variety is going to be bestowed on yet another Finchaser. On May 26th, #26 will be retired by the Boston Red Sox. Celebrating a life of dedication, discipline, and sacrifice on and off the field, the Finchasers will be at Fenway to capture this historic moment for Wade to be featured in an episode in our upcoming Season 2. The Finchasers deeply appreciate Wade and Debbie for their friendship, their inspiration, and achievements both on the water and on the field. Congratulations!!

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